I'm In Hell Demo

by down in it.

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released 20 February 2014



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Track Name: A New Sun, Unrelenting.
You've given up your dignity for every life youve taken.
You think its justified but you're sorely mistaken.

How can you rectify..
Your endless selfishness?
You should gouge your eyes blind.
And continue pleading ignorance.

Vaunt of our importance.
But are nothing but disease.
Extinction of humanity.
All I can foresee!
I'm ashamed to be alive
While so many voiceless die.
A new dawn is coming.
A turning of the tide.

Burning to ashes!
Turning to dust !
Human extinction !
Our deaths left to rust!

An ocean of cleansing..
A scorching of skies..
Burns our existence..
Drowning our cries..


Track Name: 1 in 6.
Did you feel
like a man?
covering her mouth..
holding down her hands...
you maundered filth
into her ear...
violent and vile..
so cavalier..

gathered yourself..
she laid broken and naked...
wiped yourself down
while she dwelled in self hatred..

You disgust me.
And forgiveness never came so easy.
You disgust me.
No forgiveness when you came.

Her tears poured out like blood
running down her swollen face.
Turned her halo into thorns
and crucified her at the waist.

You tore apart her pride
and possessed her with your demons.
Nothing left but hurt,
drying tears
and warm semen.
Track Name: Pseudo-Antipathy.
How dare you dictate one's worth...
by what or who they do...
with what's between their legs.

I'm more concerned with life
than I am with your opinion.
It's hard to comprehend
unless you're living life down in it.
Confused with sexuality
and no one seems to get it .
They hide behind anatomy
seeking out acceptance.

Won't concern yourselves with kids
who are pushed to slit their wrists
over how they have a lisp
or who it is they choose to kiss.
They're living as statistics.
Over thirty five percent
couldn't handle waking up
to the constant use of "faggot".

You cant see..
because you're blinded by your bigotry..
aspersion of the scripture
just to validate your fallacy.
Love is inescapable
but hate is what you choose.
they're choking back their tears
while your judgement is a noose.

You. Are the cause.
You. Are the cause.
You. Are the cause.

did you just call me "faggot"?

I'm disgusted to live in a world where there is more of a concern for expression of bigoted opinion than there is for human rights.
Not only do we trivialize what we say and how we say it..
but we speak with a total disregard for the feelings of those around us.
YOU are the reason that over 35 percent of gay youth have attempted suicide.
YOU are the reason that gay youth are 4 times MORE likely to attempt suicide than other young people.