Humanity Has Failed (Split w/ No Restraint)

by down in it.

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released September 20, 2015



all rights reserved


down in it. Wilmington, North Carolina


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Track Name: Heresy
Cast me to the flames.
Burn for my mistakes.
I will atone!
Reparation through damnation.
Voiceless slaves to a faceless king.

To be set free.

God's love holds no weight when you're living in hell.

We were forged in the fires of perdition.
A never ending need for relief that was never within our reach.
A pact that was meant to be hung like Christ on the crossed fingers of the God who made it.

Never be bought.
Never be sold.
This is our hell, streets lined in gold.

We'll sell our souls to fill the holes with lies the wings of angels carried.
God is just a cemetery where the minds of fools are buried.

I will atone.
Track Name: Bloom
My vision is so blurry, I'll slowly drift away, reading my own palms in hopes of better days.
Tracing over lines through the orange of the sides.
This bottle that's as empty as I'm feeling deep inside.

Dead inside.

This will be the end of me.

Washed away, in seas of apathy.
I am not who I was meant to be.

I've forgotten how to sleep.
I can't control my thoughts.
Bartered sanity for therapy, stories for ink blots.
Played the role for pastors and the bullshit that they taught.
Living day to day, while my insides rot.

I'll let my blood serve as my voice.
Screaming its way through these purple throats, that tangle themselves inside my wrists.

I carve the names into my wrists of the ones who cause the pain.
Every slash is just an "I", cause I'm too hurt to spell my name.

Alive, but with what right to be?
If this is all that's left of me.
Track Name: Binary Blues
What lies we believe.
Trusting what we think we see.
Allies to bigotry. Anatomy kill empathy.

Looking at the face I see, reflection looking back at me.
This can't be me.
I see she is the best of me, it's he who is the rest of me.

Why me? Why she? Why he?
When will they see?

Why me? Why she? Why he?
When will we see?

Pain between my knees that makes me feel so hollow.
Choking on the lie that I could never swallow.

Drowning only ankle deep while docile wolves fear rabid sheep.