Beside The Dying Fire

by down in it.

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released December 15, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Jeremy White at WhiteNoise Recordings
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording
Artwork by Dominic Pabon



all rights reserved


down in it. Wilmington, North Carolina


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Track Name: Suicide in a City of Glass
So much gets lost in the distance.
I'm in constant fear of the next great divide.
Our hearts are the martyrs for the greater good of our sorrow.
We watch the sands of our passion
sift like salt through our fingers.
Washing away in the oceans of our mistakes.
We are conduits of emotions.
We are vessels of desire.
Casting our solemn sails towards the winds of sadness.
Braving our own waves of despair.

So Much Gets Lost In The Distance

It's so hard to walk away from the worst mistake youve made.
Track Name: The Price of Getting What You Want is Getting What You Once Wanted
Cunning is the nightmare sneaking into my daylight.
How can I rest?
The palest flames burn every night.
This is the ballad of the bereaved.
The biography of a boy who went without sleep.
Holding onto dreams so tight.
Fade me black and blue.
Grace me with this bruise.
That wilts the pain...
That wilts be pain..
That wilts be pain..
of loving you.

Despair is irony.
A driven destiny.
When I dream about the rain it starts falling down on me.
Oh dear god...
You must have it out for me.
The fire.. burns in me.
Echoes of my rain resound
from every roof you sleep beneath. (X2)
My entire mind is laced in lies
the only truths left are the flaws I hide.
My fucking mind is laced in lies. The only truths left..these flaws I hide.
There's no darkness that won't pale to the hurt of a broken heart.
Track Name: We Search for Heaven in the Hells of Our Love
I'd give anything for something more than this nothing I've been fighting for.
Left me with this ghost of you.
Haunted by the ugly truth.
Destined for a broken heart
I was built to fall apart.
Anything good that I ever asked to stay
Became a ghost of itself and slipped away.
Our love recedes like autumn leaves..
And now even the ghost of you is just too tired to haunt me anymore.
Track Name: Everything Changes but Nothing is Lost
We are such stuff as dreams are made on.. And our little lives are rounded with sleep.
The curse is in knowing you'll wake from
the dreaming. But, I sleep for the dreams that I won't ever see.
I've made friends with the frigid winter winds. Even in these summer nights, it's chilling me again.
Straight to my bones.
Every time the breeze grows cold..I can feel you letting go.So I let you go.
We keep our love hidden down with the roots. I was waiting for the roses to bloom.
Nothing stays clean when you drag it through the dirt..Nothing can grow when it doesn't have room.

"You are the perfect petals of broken flowers pressed between the pages of stories only you will read..
I hope the words can hold you even when you've been forgotten..
Between pages.
Between covers.
Between flowerless novels that line our shelves..
Filled with words we won't remember reading.
And when you grow tired of happy endings..
Remember me.
Because inside of our story, you'll be pressed perfect as the day you were picked..when Kismet kissed our lips. "

Show me just how easy my words can break
when you bend them to mean what you want them to say. Sometimes you wake up.. Sometimes you die. And sometimes when you fall... You fucking fly.

So this is where our love will lie. The You and I in Suicide.